Posted on 1st May, 2013 by Susan Talarico

Always Get a Home Inspection

Home_inspection In today’s real estate market buyers are acting quickly to make an offer on a home so they do not miss out on a great buy. Acting swiftly to make a decision is an excellent strategy but, skipping details along the way is not. Even if you will not be requesting repairs, even if the home is being sold as-is, even if you want the deal to close quickly, DO NOT pass on having a home inspection.

A home inspection is important so you know what you are getting. Yes, the home may be at a price that is too good to pass up, but are the repairs more than you are willing to absorb? Go ahead and make an offer. Get your home inspection completed during the agreed upon inspection period. If the home inspection uncovers a problem beyond your budget you have the option of requesting repairs or cancelling your contract. The Arizona Real Estate Purchase Contract gives you many protections regarding repairs and items that are required to be in operating condition. In the event that you are purchasing a home as-is, it is still wise to do a home inspection. You may uncover a problem that would have you reconsider your purchase.

Be wise in your selection of a home inspector. Are they a member of American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)? Do they have Full Errors and Omissions and General Liability Insurance? Your Realtor can be a wonderful resource when selecting a home inspector. An experienced Realtor should have encountered several home inspection companies and can offer valuable suggestions.

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